Monday 8 February 2010

Thank you so much for the lovely comments on the bunnies - I can't tell you how thrilled I am :) First picture from someone else was posted on Ravelry yesterday - I literally bounced!

Last week led to some tough decisions, resulting in us returning Juniper to the shelter. He had a few personal hygiene problems (refusing to wash himself, rubbing his feet in the litter tray and then decorating the house with poo paw prints...). It seems such a trivial thing, but when you catch yourself sitting on the floor in tears at 1am for the third night on the trot cleaning up kitty poo, you realise you just can't cope with that for potentially the next decade. Despite the shelter's reassurances, I am racked with guilt for returning him although I know it's the right decision for him and for us.

Catalpa continues to settle into our home with ease. In contrast, he is a darling cat. DS has always tolerated my love of cats, rather than sharing it, but Catalpa has changed all that and is currently upstairs curled up on his lap while he studies.

In other news, I have completed a few more knitty projects - the Zinnia dishcloth and my first KAL from KrisKnits. Love them both :) I've signed up for this year's Ravelympics on the Knitted Toy team, so just deciding what to knit for the duration. I'd like to make some stripey catnip bunnies, and I've a copy of Debi Birkin's new pattern, Pip to work up. Mother's Day is looming in the UK too, so a suitable project for my mum will need to be sourced too - so if anyone reading this has any ideas, please share!


  1. The catnip bunnies are delightful! I cannot wait to knit some up for my furballs. I featured them on my blog, thought I'd share: