Monday 15 February 2010

Stripey bunnies! Another half a dozen bunnies for the Cats Protection centre, this time in stripes. Same pattern as below, but I changed colour every 4 rows (apart from the green stripey bunny, which changed ever 2 rows). Pictured with an itty bitty heart for Valentine's Day :)

This kicked off Ravelympics 2010 for me beautifully.

Started and finished a few more projects - a cupcake pincushion, a little grey rabbit and a new blanket for Catalpa, which is made of the sort of yarn you're embarrassed to admit you've bought but is perfect for a kitty blanket...

It's Wendy Velvet Flake, bought in Kemp's sale for......79p a ball. Catalpa loves it. Such a manly colour for him too *snigger*

I'm just in the process of knitting a baby hat and all-in-one and then I might have a go at writing another pattern that's forming in my mind (and will be another category to enter for the ravelympics :p)


  1. Hi, I love your catnip bunnies :)
    I am curious though about your itty bitty heart. Is this pattern available on the web?
    I run a charity knitting group in Australia and these would be a perfect gift for children in Refuges for victims of domestic violence to give their Mums for Mother's Day, Birthday etc.
    I am knittingpam on Ravelry or

  2. These catnip bunnies are adorable! I just got a kitten 4 days ago (my first cat ever!) and I started knitting one of these bunnies for him but I'm going to have to make a stripey one too after seeing how cute they turned out. I was planning on making my little guy a partially pink blanket too so I didn't have to go buy new yarn haha. I hope you keep posting new patterns.. love your stuff!

    I would also love if you'd consider posting the pattern for the little knit heart :)

  3. Hi Christina

    thank you for the kind comments, and how fun to get a kitten!

    The little knit heart isn't my pattern, but it is a free one from Mochimochi Land (and if you've not been there before, you're in for a treat!). The ravelry link is or the direct link to her website is :)