Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Clickety Clack

My needles have been busy :) I made another sheep from Anita's pattern.

A boyfriend for Woolly, although I think she's a bit above his league!

I love the versatility of knitting - being able to switch yarns and change the eyes has made Lem have a totally different character to Woolly. I think they make a great pair!

Also on (and off!) the needles was a snuggly hat for my DS's birthday in September. Muted green colour, so I hope he'll actually wear it.

And Dad's birthday socks are *nearly* finished -woo!

For some reason I find socks daunting. And they're not really. And if I didn't get sidetracked so easily, they're quite quick to knit.

I do love working with symfonie dpns. Not only to they feel great, but they're just so damn pretty to look at. As you get 6 needles, it's been easy to knit both socks at the same time so I can keep double checking the row counts and lengths against each other. Because socks should match, vaguely!

Moving on to the garden, I planted up potatoes for Christmas this week. Charlotte, Juliette and Maris Peer - 2 bags of each. I needed some way of telling them apart, so crocheted some hearts for the bags.

They all look a bit floppy at the moment, because they're only half full of compost - I'll keep topping them up as the leaves appear, and can't wait to have summery potatoes in the depth of winter!

Finally, a quick shot of one of the many visitors to the garden. My camera is not all that wonderful, so I'm rather pleased with this macro shot :) A lovely lady came yesterday and took photos of everything for a gardening competition I entered for a giggle. Her face bore a look somewhere between being bemused and impressed. I could ask for no more.