Thursday, 29 July 2010

More Test Knitting :)

It's about time I did an update! My hexagon blanket is still on hold while the weather is so warm - it's just too uncomfortable to work with it on my lap, and I refuse to work on it with grouchy thoughts in my head. Instead, I'm still working through little projects including a pair of socks for Dad's birthday at the end of August.

You'll have to excuse the wrinkly cloth - I pulled it out of the ironing pile to take the shot. Shame on me! They're just a basic ribbed pattern, because I don't think he'd wear anything with cables. Since his heart attack, he's really suffered with cold feet and spends the winters fighting off chilblains and what looks like trench foot! So I'm hoping he'll find these will help keep him cosy.

Moving on, I made a little mouse as a test knit for Julie - the pattern isn't up on Ravelry yet, but will be soon. It's really cute, fast to knit and would be a great toy for a small child. She's called Pumpkin, with a little orange dress and green bag. She's filled it with catnip, because she's daring like that ;)

My second test knit was for Anita, the first time I've test knitted for her, and a super fun pattern. Look at the tubby tummy on my lamb - doesn't it make you just want to squish and squeeze her? I decorated Woolly's tummy with surface crochet and a buttoned felt flower - I just don't seem to be able to just leave my softies plain - they cry to me that they want to have pretties! Anita is just finalizing the pattern now - it'll be available from ravelry!

The last of my latest knits was this little fun fungi - Mr Fly Agaric. :) I used this free pattern from Abby Kroken. I'd like to end up with a little collection of them to dot around the garden.

That's me and my knitting caught up with - what are you working on now? :)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Romantic Meal for Two?!

My latest pattern!

A very good colleague friend of mine is switching jobs, and I needed something to give her so she never forgets me. We have the most wonderful relationship, based on traded giggly insults and I adore her. I overheard a conversation she had about the recession and caught her saying “We're living on beans!” (don't panic – she can still afford to heat the indoor pool and maintain the yacht...), so naturally, I figured I could treat her to lunch as her leaving present. And as she teases me over my urge to cosy everything with yarn, this humble can of beans obviously needed to be yarny too :)

Whilst this is obviously a very tongue-in-cheek present and knitting pattern, once the beans have been scoffed, it makes a pretty holder for pens, knitting needles, flowers, etc and appeals to my recycling side.

I've added a front pocket – to keep paperclips in perhaps? And one of the flowers is hot-glued to a little bulldog clip so it can be removed and perform bulldog-clippy duties.

Free pattern download can be found on ravelry - enjoy!

Monday, 12 July 2010

New Free Pattern!

It's been too warm to work on my hexagon blanket recently, plus I knitted up another February Lady Sweater for a friend, so my thoughts turned to small projects that can be finished quickly. I do like almost instant gratification!

There was a thread on Ravelry about kitties who stretch in weird and wonderful ways, so naturally, this led on to the development of.....Kitty Legwarmers! Because cats need stylish accessories to work out in too. Honest. Just think how wonderfully happy your furball will be when you whip up a pair!

I used Sirdar Crofter in the ironic colourway "Hound Dog" for Catalpa's pair. I've had this yarn for a while now - it seemed like such an amazing yarn when I first saw it, but I really dislike how it knits up for clothes - it's such a bold pattern effect that the mid-row switches really grate on me. But it is perfect for little things, and supersoft :)

Catalpa is so laid back, he didn't mind me kitting him out a la Fonda too much, but after a few minutes he discovered that pulling them off and cuddling them was the best...

Download the pattern from Ravelry - I've finally figured out how to do a .pdf! Hmm - there's probably a way to make the .pdf available from here too...erm, help?!

(edited to add that Ravelry helpfully gives a link to the pdf files to add to my site - how simple is that?!) download now