Monday 4 April 2011

Rainclouds and Rainbows - Free Pattern

I do like Douwe Egberts coffee.  I love the taste, and I love the glass jars they come in with their chunky glass stoppers!  They're brilliant for holding...stuff.  I have them filled with toffees for DS, with ribbons, beads and buttons for me.  They're great for holding soup in to gift to friends when they're sick.  And obviously, they need cosies - dur.  So here is a simple pattern to cosy up a 200g sized coffee jar :)  

You'll need 4mm dpns and DK yarn.  I've used a fuzzy white DK for both, teamed with a soft grey (Rowan Revive) to make fluffy clouds and bright rainbow colours to make, well, a rainbow.  I've not listed gauge as it's pretty stretchy and small, but I suggest you knit loosely so that the slipped stitches create little scallops.

K - Knit
P- Purl
S1 - Slip one stitch (literally move it from the left needle onto the right needle without knitting it)
K2tog - Knit two stitches together
YO - yarn over.
Kfb - Knit the front and back of the stitch.

Cast on 56 stitches in your main colour (ie. grey or rainbow red for mine) and arrange on dpns (I used a set of five, so each working needle had 14 stitches)

Set up Round 1 - Knit
Set up Round 2 - Knit
Switch to contrast colour (white fuzzy for mine) 
Round 1 - (k1,s1) repeat to end
Round 2 - (p1, sl) repeat to end
Round 3 - Knit
Round 4 - Knit
Switch to main colour
Round 5 - (s1, k1) repeat to end
Round 6 - (s1, p1) repeat to end
Round 7 - Knit
Round 8 - Knit

Repeat rounds 1 to 8 until piece reaches neck of jar, then work rounds 1-3.
Eyelet row - (k2tog, yo) repeat to end.
Next round - Knit
Switch to contrast colour
Next round - (kfb) repeat to end.
Bind off. 

Weave in the ends, thread a ribbon through the eyelets and warm up your jar.  Admire!

I'm working on a third one at the moment in two green yarns which don't have the fuzzy aspect.  I have to admit I think this slip stitch pattern benefits from at least one of the yarns having a touch of fuzz, but we'll see when it's finished..

If you work this pattern up, I'd love to see it - either link me on here or post on the ravelry project page.  

As with all my patterns, they are for personal or charity use only.  Enjoy! :)


  1. This pattern is so pretty, it immediately caught my eye on ravelry! I've never heard of that coffee here in California but I'm definitely going to have to find another pretty jar to cover!

  2. Thank you!

    I remember my parents' friends would bring Douwe Egberts ground coffee over from Holland for them when I was little, before it eventually became available here - for some reason I presumed when it hit the English shelves, they'd achieved global coverage, but I guess not! It's around the same size as other glass 200g coffee jars though :)

  3. Hello , nice knittings on your blog and nice pics !

    greetings from Belgium :)

  4. So cute! Thanks for commenting on the post I did on your strawberry clock, I'm glad to see where it came from and your blog is fantastic. I must learn to knit, I must. More than just a rectangle, I mean. -_-

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