Tuesday 15 June 2010

Nearly there!

I'm very close to finishing all of the hexagons for my blanket - just this last row to finish! I'm so pleased with the brightness of it, and the soft sheen of the cotton. I think it'll look even better once it's been washed to get rid of that "just stitched" look.

This last row seems to be taking me a long time to work across - I keep putting it down, browsing the web, doing a bit of housework, having a coffee etc. I think it's because once it's done I'll have to address the border. And I dont know what to doooooo. I've thought about a black border, or a white one...but can't decide. I have enough of a different cotton yarn in a bluey turquoise colour that would work, but would emphasise the blues in the hexagons and pull them to the front...hmmm.

Suggestions more than welcome - help me!


  1. This is AMAZING, so pretty, is it for you? so what do you think about doing a rainbow edging? Not sure if it would look messy or not, if not I would say go for the blues, either way it will look beautiful

  2. I love your blanket! Great color choice, too!

    I wanted to crochet one hexagon blanket for months but every time I started something other distracted me so I'll postpone this project for the next winter. Anyway, your lovely blanket reminded me, to put it on my "to do" list!

    Thank you