Friday 4 June 2010

Hexagon Love

I am so in love with my hexagon blanket :) Almost as much as I love this tubby lump of kittyness...

I've finished all the round 3 circles - look how pretty they look laid out on the floor! My organised mind demands I do 9 rows of 10 hexagons. There are 5 colour "families" so each row needs 2 from each family. Then it's simply a case of moving them around so the colours look evenly spaced :)

And here they are all in neat little identical piles before I jumbled them all up.

And finally, a shot of the blanket starting to come together. One by one the little circles magically transform into hexagons and more hexagon friends join them :)

The colours of this Muskat yarn are so beautiful - really rich and bright. It's wonderfully soft too and I can imagine this is just going to get even better once its been popped through the washer (don't make me hand wash lots of heavy cotton!) I desperately want to see it all finished, but I also want to savour the making of it - it's so wonderful to work on. I really enjoy just sitting and staring at it. I've wanted to make a blanket like this for years, but always failed at learning crochet so thought it was the impossible dream. Who'd have thunk that just a 2 hour lesson back in late March could lead to this sort of delight?


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