Tuesday 1 June 2010

Another Test Knit for Julie

Just sharing another test knit for Julie on ravelry - this was good fun as I didn’t have a picture to go on and my knowledge of flying fish fin placement is, well…pants. So mine looks like a blue angel sausage. As I prefer blue angel sausages to fish this is no bad thing. Really.

I particularly enjoyed knitting all of the pieces in my squeaky acrylic yarns, sewing them together in a vaguely fishy way and then reading what I should do next. “Now we can move on to felting”. This part led to much hilarity, the kind of giggles that involve a little bit of snorting, followed by a more sober “oh”. Use wool, peeps - it helps with the felting!

Give this pattern a go - it’s ever so easy, uses up pesky scraps and is so cute (when done properly in grown up wool and not in acrylic which leads to blue angel sausages). And the pattern now has pictures and the felting hint before you start for guaranteed success :)

Mine is stuffed with catnip and thoroughly roadtested by Catalpa. He claims it's good to bat, chew, claw, toss and cuddle. And that's all you could really wish for from a blue angel sausage really.

In other news, it is absolutely freezing here in my corner of England. F-r-e-e-z-i-n-g. The sort of day where you need to snuggle up in your newly finished February Lady Sweater. Unless of course, your mother stole it yesterday and then you have to resort to putting the heating on. In June. Hmph.

Hope everyone reading this is much warmer and in possession of all their knitwear. :)

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