Monday 31 May 2010

Round 2!

Round Two of my hexagon blanket :) I've divided the 15 colours up into 5 groups of 3:

  1. Yellow, Warm Yellow & Orange
  2. Light Pink, Coral & Red
  3. Apple Green, Green & Dark Olive
  4. Light Blue, Turquoise & Blue
  5. Light purple, Pink & Purple.
There are 6 inner circles of each colour and then 6 second rounds of each colour within their group, if that makes sense. Round 3 will have the last colour of the group added and then round 4 will use the centre colour again.

I'm loving working on this - the colours are so cheery, and the yarn is soft to work with. It is a little splitty, some colours more than others, but keeping an eye on the yarn getting close to the hook and giving it a twist if needs be seems to work.

Right, I have my parents coming over for a braii in less than 3 hours, so time to make the house look like I've not neglected the cleaning in favour of hooking recently!

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  1. From Ravelry, to your blog. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed wandering around your colourful blog. Thank you for sharing.