Sunday 30 May 2010

I'll put a hex on you!

Yummmm - look at all this wonderful yarn I ordered from Scandinavian Knitting Design. It's Drops Muskat - 50g balls of 100% Egyptian Cotton. It's mercerised so has a rich sheen to it, double knitting weight and gorgeous. Picking colours off the internet is never easy, and I'm not sure if that dark olive really goes with the rest, but we'll see.

I'm planning on turning it into a little hexagon blanket, using the Hexagon How-To pattern on Lucy's blog :) I think I have enough yarn to make a 90 hexagon blanket, which sounds like lots but will only make a little blanket - but that's okay.

Here are the first round little circles:

Don't they look all tiny and cute? I modified the pattern to do 6 cluster stitches - the same ones that are used in round 2 so that my centres will look like little flowery stars. I'm almost finished with round 2, and will update once they're finished :)

My thoughts are already turning to how to finish the blanket - what edging to use. I think I'd like to make half hexes and little triangle-y bits so it has straight edges. I can work out the half hexes but if anyone knows how to do the triangle-y ones, help!


  1. Try these:

  2. Oooh - thank you! I've found someone on flickr who has done the little triangle-y bits too, so I've asked for her help for that bit. :)