Saturday 29 May 2010

Is Attic24 a drug?

My newly developing crochet skills are out of control. And it's *her* fault. That Lucy over at Attic24. I spent hours looking at all of the free crochet patterns on Ravelry, and from there visited Lucy's blog. And I am hooked (geddit?!) on her patterns and posts. I love them. Colourful, nostalgic, and as she would put it...they make you feel heart-skippy happy :) So below is a mosaic of my recent Attic24 creativeness! Ripples, squares, hexagons, stars and hexagons and the most wonderful coloured yarn. Yum. The basket of Egyptian cotton yarn (mmmmm) is destined to become a larger hexagon blanket that I'm working on now.

Go peek at her blog if you dare!

It's wonderful to find inspiration which help in my quest to turn my home into a riot of colour. My reserved decorating years are well and truly over!

Just to show I've not just been a hooker recently, I finished transforming my dining chairs this morning. Here's what they looked like before I started....

I've had them for over 10 years, and as you can see the seat covers look...awful. I've never been precious over them and they show it. Most of their tattiness is down to raising a son on them - dinner spills are numerous, and despite being scrubbed off at the time, they've each left a ring behind. There are a couple of small holes in them for good measure where the fabric is so worn.

So I went out shopping for some more fabric for them and fell in love with an embroidered batik pattern, but couldn't decide on a bought 60cm of my two favourites. Because chairs don't have to match. Honest. Then it was simply a case of flipping them upside down, unscrewing the seat pads, using a staple gun to stretch the new yummy fabric over the top and then screwing them back to the seats again. Simple. And look how wonderful they look in the sunshine. Do they make me smile? Oh yeah... :) They can stay!


  1. Isn't Lucy's blog great? I've been a fan for quite a while now. Her upbeat posts are fun and a joy to read! She's got me "hooked" too!! :)

    If you're on Ravelry you should check out her "fan club."

  2. April it is wonderful - I might have spent a good few hours reading back through the entries to "catch up"!

    And I'm way ahead of you - I joined the group earlier today :)

  3. I reckon Attic24 is totally a drug, but one I don't want to go into rehab for LOL.

  4. I only just read your blog and so had to laugh because with me it's the same. It's HER fault that I sit here endlessly trying to figure out those crochet stitches! But it all looks so beautiful that I just must have a go and I am getting better and better! Greetings from Germany!