Wednesday 31 October 2012


I've always been a secret fan of colouring in throughout my adulthood.  When I was a young girl, I spent hours drawing and colouring in pictures of my own devise or printed.  Including the illustrations in books: especially Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree series, much to my sister's disgust as the ink would bleed through the page and obscure the text on the reverse (pah! - like we didn't know them off by heart, anyway!)

I've recently discovered a whole world of people who also like colouring, disguised with grown-up sounding tools - alcohol markers, blending tools...digistamps.  I had replacement felt tip pens twice a year growing up - one treasured set each Christmas, and another of my own choosing during the Summer holidays bought from Woolworth's with carefully counted out pocket money.  Each set never lasted through the time from one set to another, and I'd spend many hours soaking the inners in vinegar, or sucking the tip to try to breathe just a little more life into them.  How much more fun would that have been with alcohol markers?!

Armed with newly acquired Promarkers from Letraset, and my good friend Google, I found this wonderful site -  Birdie Brown, a digistamp designer who has really cute images to buy.  She also has a few free digistamps which are perfect for novices like me, venturing into this new craft.

I picked her Gnome Boy in a Wood to start out with.  Here are the results:

Apologies for the rather blurry picture - the weather is really miserable today, and my little point and squirt doesn't like it!

I had so much fun making this little card - I can see this is going to be another craft that I really love...if you're  into this kind of colouring, and have any tips or sites to share, please shout out :)

I've also been busy crafting for Halloween and can't wait for it to get dark and for the doorbell to ring - will share what I've been making next time.

Happy Halloween!!


  1. This is so beautiful!! Love the wooden frame and your coloring is great. Thank you for joining my freebie challenge this month.:)

    Happy Halloween, and enjoy coloring!!


    1. Thank you - just downloading for the November Challenge!