Sunday 3 April 2011

Green Stuff Makes Me Happy

Happy Mother's Day to all mums out there - hope you've been spoilt rotten by your families!  I was lucky enough to get a purple poppy bucket from my son (ahem- I might have demanded it a while ago!), but he also made me a little lego planter of flowers and gifted me the velvet bag I bought him *years* ago with Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans on it (it's awesome - will take pictures in the daylight tomorrow and bore you all with them!).  

I've been mainly busy sowing and growing here; I can't wait until late May when I can plant out all these new little babies.  I am absolutely delighted with the new baby strawberry plants - their second leaves have just come through and they are tiny but perfectly strawberryish!  Here's a picture of them, with my prune-y little finger to show how wee they are...

And my windowsill lettuces are about ready to start eating the thinnings.  Grown in a catering size gravy tub I bought home from work to recycle (make brilliant handled plant tubs!).  I love the way these look with the light coming through them - they really are quite magical :)

I've been searching online for a good seed supplier and came across - they have a good range (I *need* asparagus peas!) and even better, they offer free p&p and seeds with each order.  Customer comments are all really encouraging, so I'll be giving them a go.  If you have a favourite flower or veg to grow in containers, shout out now!

Knitting pattern coming tomorrow; I need that daylight again to take photos in.  I'll sign off with a picture of the seedy pouches I made, resting on a background of Current Quilting Project/Insanity...


  1. Those pouches are so cute (the teal one especially of course)!!

  2. Thank you - and yes, Teal does make everything more wonderful (and yes, I do feel obliged to say that to you :p)

  3. Those seed pouches would make a great present for my mother in law - do they have a closure or is that button just pretty? Your blanket stitch is very neat!

  4. Also is that a teeny tiny cross stitch in the corner? Where'd you get the pattern from? (Sorry for cluttering your comments!).

  5. Thank you! Can't see any signs of cluttering though :P

    They close with a velcro dot under the button (I'm not sure why I did that - buttonholes on felt are just a snip of scissors!) To make the pouch I just measured around the seed packets, added 1.5cm all around and made up a flap free hand (wonky lines come naturally to me).

    I stitched the little cross stitch to the bottom corner and then used embroidery scissors to snip the window out of the front. The little plant pot came from a much larger cross stitch pattern from an ancient copy of Cross Country Stitching (American magazine, early 1990's). If you look at, you should be able to copy it :)