Thursday 24 March 2011

Spring Crafting

Few crafty projects to share :)  Fancied doing something with a needle and thread for a change, so I revisited my old love of cross stitching to make a rabbity lavender sachet.  Was rather difficult to get a decent photo of it as the thread colour matches the aida, but here it is!

For my crochet fix, I chose a flower to hook from Bonita patterns.  It's her Croco Flower available for free.  It looks like a big yarny mess when you've finished hooking it, but once the petals have been smoothed down, it's sooo pretty!  I edged each stitch with 2 single crochet stitches in embroidery thread to make the rainbow effect.  I think it would look gorgeous with a charcoal yarn as the main colour, so a future project in store!

Lastly, I've been working a rather daft knitting project for a few days, which helps satisfy my need to cover everything with yarn!  Lucy over at Attic24 handily published a free heart pattern this week which was just what I needed to complete this project!

I used the pattern to make leaves - don't they make perfect plump ones?  And this is what I attached them to.....

A clock!  It's a modern reproduction of a 1940s kitchen clock, but it had enamelled sides in a really odd cream colour - it was a cold cream, rather than warm and just didn't look right against the magnolia walls.

I covered the clock with a k3, p1 ribbed sleeve, with an eyelet edge, hooked some strawberry flowers and knitted lots of strawberries to decorate it with.  It's been up on the wall for a couple of days, leafless and without the strawberry "seeds" until I finally worked out what was missing!  Seeds are embroidery thread french knots - lots of them.

I'm really pleased with how this has turned out and a good way to mark 200 projects on Ravelry!

How are you celebrating the change of Seasons?


  1. I love love love what you did to the clock, it looks so good!

  2. The clock is fantastic! I love your cross stitch work too, I'm just getting started with cross stitch, next on my list is crochet!

  3. Your clock cover is fantastic! What a clever idea and so perfectly executed. 200 projects on Rav, eh? Well done! I've probably got about 200 WIPs lurking about the place if I was honest. ;-)

  4. Now, I'm not one for randomly covering any old thing in knitting but oh my god I loooooooove that clock so much! What an awesome project :D

  5. Thank you all - it was such a fun project to do, even if a bit mad!

    WIPs seem to multiply all on their own around here...

  6. I love this, you're very clever!