Wednesday 1 December 2010

Snow Days

Not strictly a snow day, as I'll be walking to work later on, but it is all gloriously white and fluffy out there!

Perfect weather to curl up with a bit of Christmas knitting and while away the hours.

Finished the handknitted things I wanted to make for my son; a balaclava and fingerless mitts. The balaclava was a request, the mitts an additional stocking stuffer (teenage boys stockings are hard!), although he prefers fingerless gloves to fingerless mittens, I'm still hoping he'll like them.

A hipflask cosy to match the mittens for my mother - she's a beater when my dad goes shooting, so this'll be ideal for hiding her tipple in.

And a cosy Christmas bauble for my tree, using the holly pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits - love, love, love this nestled in a snowy branch outside!

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  1. My busy little friend!
    You sure haven't lost your knack for knitting! :o)

    Everything is possible for one who believes. -Mark 9:23